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How to Make Perfect, Basic, Everyday Hummus

I am not a minimalist. But when it comes to cooking and things I make myself, I am all for keeping it simple, fast, easy, and inexpensive -- after all, I want to spend at least as much time enjoying this food as I did making it! Cooking is my passion, and I absolutely love making things at home and reveling in how much money I saved over the store bought variety -- my husband can certainly attest to how many times I've enthusiastically presented him with "a twelve dollar salad" that knocks Sweetgreen out of the water. If only he enjoyed salads as much as I do...!

Speaking of things I like to make at home, hummus is one thing I will make just about every week. Whether or not you're vegan or even vegetarian, hummus is one of those fundamental foods that will serve you well in so many different situations. We snack on it straight out of the fridge, slather it between two slices of homemade sourdough bread with tomatoes and sprouts, spoon it onto salads, and serve it at l…

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