Fall gives way to winter

December 3, Saturday night dinner, 9:00 pm

This soup was an adaptation of Deborah Madison's version from Vegetable Literacy, with Coconut Milk, Miso, and Lime -- minus the miso and made into a meal with quinoa and chickpeas.  We had some aging chinese cabbage heads in the crisper drawer, left over from our last CSA haul of the season, so I threw those in to use them up. As a rule, it's always good to include some leaves in your soup. The brussels sprouts, also remaining from the pre-Thanksgiving grocery haul carried out by my enthusiastic husband, became a crispy and delicious appetizer.  The pumpkin ale -- hanging out in our fridge since our wedding in early October -- finally found its calling as the perfect compliment to the sweet and savory notes in the soup.  

Butternut squash soup with quinoa, chickpeas, and chinese cabbage

Dark roasted butternut squash seeds

Roasted brussels sprouts with maple soy glaze

Hardywood Farmhouse Pumpkin Ale


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