Lazy Sunday, leftover lasagna

December 3, Sunday night dinner, 9:06 pm

Sundays are often about cleaning out the crisper drawer, to make room for the fresh new leafy things coming in Monday night.  This lasagna turned leftover spaghetti squash from earlier in the week and some kale a bit past its prime into a decadent weekend dinner treat.  Throw in a freshly baked baguette and a bottle of Spanish red, and you've got yourself a date night dinner without even stopping by the grocery store.  

Spaghetti squash lasagna: 

1 jar arrabiata sauce
1 small tub of organic, whole milk ricotta + 1 egg + generous amounts of thyme and oregano 
2 layers of noodles
1 layer of spaghetti squash, steamed and scraped out of the skin
1 layer of coarsely chopped lacinato kale
top layer of peas and freshly grated fontina cheese


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